Clearly Better

Kaenon is excited to launch its new campaign “Clearly Better.”  Kaenon’s lenses are more superior than any of its competitors in the market.  First off, they are made in the best Japanese factory in the world and their mission is to make the clearest, lightest, strongest lenses.  There are nine elements that makeup Kaenon’s SR-91 polarized lens that cut glare, enhance color and contrast, repel oil/water/ dirt and reduce scratching, our lenses deliver the best optical clarity.

 kaenon lens factory

Clearly Better goes beyond our lenses, our frames are hand-made in Italy. Italy has long been at the forefront of fashion, and eyewear is no exception. In addition to their renowned artistry, Italian frames craftsmanship and quality are unmatched. Hand-crafted with attention to every detail.


Matching Japanese optics and Italian handmade frames makes Kaenon “Clearly Better.”