Born in 2001 on a sailing voyage through the islands of Polynesia, the name Kaenon is inspired by the spirit of freedom of being on the water. Our K-wave icon is a connection to our home and testing ground — the California coast.

Whether paddling out for a sunrise surf, venturing down a new trail, or angling for that trophy catch, we are surrounded by the best playground imaginable — and we believe in exploring every inch of it.


 Designed in California,
Made in Italy.

 Built with purpose, our mission is to enhance every adventure by helping you see more of every moment. We are relentless in our search for the technology, the materials and the artistry to create the most beautiful technical eyewear in the world.

 The Clearest, Lightest, Strongest Polarized Lens on the Planet.

Our SR-91® and SR-91ULTRA™ polarized lenses are Clearer, Lighter and Stronger than standard performance lenses, making them the ultimate lens for Outsiders.

Our groundbreaking SR-91® polarized lens is the result of years of research and testing. No other lens can match SR-91's trinity of performance -- glass-like clarity, featherweight construction and fierce impact resistance — while enhancing color and contrast for sharper vision.

 See More of Every Moment.