Justin Turner Creates Signature Collection With Kaenon Sunglasses

Introducing the Justin Turner Signature Collection


Kaenon is releasing its first signature sunglass collection with two-time MLB All-Star Justin Turner. The first installment of the Justin Turner Signature Collection from Kaenon includes two versions of the Arcata SR, Turner's preferred model for on-field play. Unlike typical athlete-endorsement relationships, Turner has a unique situation with Kaenon as both an athlete ambassador and a vested partner in the brand. Turner has been seen wearing Kaenon on and off the field for years, and brought the brand with him when he joined the Boston Red Sox before the start of the 2023 season. The Justin Turner Signature Collection marks the first time Kaenon has partnered with a professional baseball player on a sunglass collection.

Get To Know The Arcata SR

The Kaenon Justin Turner Signature Arcata SR $175 is available with a matte white frame or a matte grey frame, both with Kaenon's polarized SR-91 Ultra Red mirrored lens. Turner chose the SR-91 Ultra Red lens for his signature piece as it is one of the most versatile in the Kaenon lineup. It provides superior color separation with advanced depth and detail, making it perfect for various on-field conditions. With crisper optics than standard polycarbonate lenses and a fraction of their weight, Kaenon's SR-91 Ultra lens is ideal for helping to track objects in a variety of light conditions.

"Sunglasses are vital equipment when players are on the field and can make a huge difference in a player's ability to follow the ball. The Arcata SR's lightweight and semi-rimless design makes it barely noticeable when I'm playing, and the Ultra Red mirrored lens is perfect for a wide range of light conditions," commented Turner.