Kaenon Introduces SR-91ULTRA Red

Arcata SR ULTRA Red Mirror

Kaenon is excited to announce its newest ULTRA lens to the family, ULTRA RED.  This is the most versatile SR-91 ULTRA lens because of its extreme use in all light conditions.  From Sea to Summit, SR-91 ULTRA Red can take on any adventure an Outsider endures.   

Kaenon Ambassador

SR-91 ULTRA Red Mirror will be feature in Arcata, Arcata SR and Burnet FC Matte Graphite.   This dark and shadowy new frame color that combines stealth dark tones that beauty our new SR-91 ULTRA Red Mirror.  Also available in ULTRA Red Mirror is Clarke and Colusa in Matte Frost.  Frost is inspired by the beauty of the California winter mountains on crystal clear days.

Arcata Graphite

Arcata Polarized Sunglasses


Arcata SR Graphite

 Arcata SR Polarized Sunglasses


Burnet FC

Burnet FC Polarized Sunglasses


Clarke Frost

Clarke Polarized Sunglasses


Colusa Frost

Colusa Polarized Sunglasses