MLB All-Star and Boston Red Sox Player, Justin Turner, Joins Kaenon

Kaenon is excited to announce that Major League Baseball Player All-Star and philanthropist, Justin Turner, has joined the Kaenon family as a partner and ambassador. Since Justin is born-and-bread SoCal like we are, this partnership is authentic on multiple levels.

Dodgers fans know that Justin has been wearing Kaenon for years, and he’ll be seen in them on-field at Fenway Park next season.

Later this year, we’ll have a signature collection from Justin. Until then, expect to see him wearing the Arcata SR on-field and the Venice during more casual pursuits.

Kaenon’s SR-91 has been a mainstay for MLB players for years for its color clarity, lightweight, and impact resistance.

Like many Dodger fans, we’re sad to see Justin leaving LA for the East coast, but don’t be surprised to see a few of Justin’s former teammates and new friends wearing Kaenon.

Justin Turner joins Kaenon sunglasses as a partner and ambassador.

Why is Justin backing Kaenon on-field and off?

Kaenon’s SR-91 lens, which comes in our $100 Kaenon Essentials collection, and our higher end $200+ models, is a fraction of the weight of glass lenses, stronger than polycarbonate, and provides superior color separation critical for tracing a baseball during on-field play. If clarity matters to you, this is your lens.

Along with that, Justin (and many other MLB players) know Kaenon’s frames are featherlight, so you barely feel them. Kaenon truly offers the best of both worlds for sport and lifestyle sunglasses.

Justin Turner joins Kaenon sunglasses as a partner and ambassador.

More About Justin

For those who don’t follow Major League baseball (we know there’s a few of you), Justin is a two-time All-Star, World Series champion, and recipient of the 2022 Roberto Clemente Award for his philanthropic work with the Justin Turner Foundation, which he co-founded with his wife, Kourtney. He is also a Southern California native, growing up just 25 miles from Dodger Stadium, making his connection to Kaenon even more genuine.